Welcome to my website. I am the Green Party By-Election Candidate in Dublin Fingal and a Councillor in Fingal County Council.

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Joe O'Brien Green Party

My vision for Fingal

I want to see a vibrant county, that cherishes diversity, equality and its natural environment. A place where our villages and towns offer communities a safe, healthy and interconnected place to grow up and grow old in.


Housing and homelessness

We need stronger voices to hold the government to account on its failure to provide affordable homes for an increasing number of people. The crisis is escalating and I will bring my record on standing up to injustice and inaction to the table. A larger scale State house building programme is required.


Community friendly development

Dublin Fingal needs to develop in a well-planned manner to ensure that our housing, transport, education, childcare and leisure infrastructure are well integrated and designed to nurture community and family life.


A fair and sustainable economy

Our vulnerable economy needs to be strengthened in a very fundamental way. We need to focus on supporting indigenous business and innovation to create higher quality sustainable jobs. The economic adaptations required due to climate change offer opportunities to move the economy away from over dependence on fossil fuel imports, multinationals and the tax we allow them to forgo.