Help Out

Any offers of help to boost our efforts and raise awareness about the issues we care about – from climate change, to housing, to sustainable transport – are always hugely appreciated.


It doesn’t matter how publicly or privately you want to get involved, there is a way that you can play your part – from research to website maintenance, communications work, leafleting, and canvassing – if you have a skill or a determination to support the Green message we will have a place for you.  To find out more contact me directly at:


If you prefer to give financial support that is also very much appreciated. If you wish to donate please email me at:

Please note: I don’t accept corporate donations. Donations can only be accepted from residents of the Republic of Ireland or Irish citizens abroad, in compliance with legislation. You can read more about the guidelines for political donations here.

Join the Green movement

The Green Party principles are a pathway towards a more compassionate, equitable and environmentally responsible society. One of the ways to help is to ask your friends and family to get involved. If you are interested in joining the Green Party you can do so here. If you’re unsure about joining and want to know more, or would like to attend a meeting of the Fingal Greens as a guest to see what it’s like, please get in touch with me or contact the Fingal Greens on: