National Community Integration Event – 22 June

22nd June, 2023

  • Minister of State for Community Development, Integration and Charities to host an event in Croke Park for community organisations working on integration projects.
  • Event designed to showcase the positive work taking place across the country, with a focus on shared learning and experiences.



Minister of State for Community Development, Integration and Charities, Joe O’Brien, is today hosting a National Community Integration Event in Croke Park. Organisations from across the country have gathered to exchange ideas and share best practices for successful migrant integration in local communities.


Today’s event is designed to facilitate community groups from across Ireland to come together to share experiences and to focus on opportunities for shared learning and support. Speakers on the day include Meghan Benton from the Migration Policy Institute, Guglielmo Schininà from the International Organisation for Migration, and Reuben Hambakachere from Cultúr Migrants Centre. Participants will be discussing important topics such as the impacts of immigration on mental health, effective integration supports and building inclusive communities.


Minister O’Brien said:


“I felt that an event like this was crucial in order to bring people together to share experiences and provide an opportunity for networking and for all of us to take the opportunity to learn from each other on what is working and what might need improvement. I have been visiting community groups all over Ireland and have been really struck by the fantastic work that is happening at every level in communities so I wanted to facilitate a space for those experiences to be shared and discussed. There is so much great work going on in this area, and it is important that this is recognised at a national level. I am delighted that so many travelled here today, helping to make the event successful.”