Minister Joe O’Brien announces publication of Ireland’s National Action Plan Against Racism 2023-2027

22nd March, 2023

The National Action Plan Against Racism was developed by an independent Anti-Racism Committee

Minister of State for Community Development, Integration and Charities, Joe O’Brien has today announced the publication of the National Action Plan Against Racism (NAPAR) 2023-2027. The Government has developed an implementation plan for the NAPAR’s first year.

Speaking about the National Action Plan Against Racism, Minister Joe O’Brien said:

“I want to thank the Anti-Racism Committee for their tireless efforts on this project, particularly the Committee Chair Caroline Fennell and the officials in the Department whose work has made this possible. The National Action Plan Against Racism is the culmination of two years of hard work, by the Committee and Department officials.”

“The issue of racism and its presence in Irish society is something I have long been aware of and my efforts to understand and counter it have had a significant influence on the direction of my life and I’ve tried to bring my commitment to tackling racism into my political career. I used my maiden speech in the Dáil to ask the Taoiseach to ensure that the then Government would develop a new National Action Plan Against Racism strategy so to have worked on the development of such an action plan is something I am incredibly proud of. “

“It’s important that plans and strategies work to be the basis of real action. Too often plans can limit action or even stunt creative and innovate approaches. So it’s important to state that the plan can be added to and adapted on an annual basis if needs be on an annual basis to ensure it is responding adequately to the challenges.”

Minister O’Brien is also announcing the creation of the Ireland Against Racism Fund, which will include up to €1 million in funding for both local and regional/national projects which have a specific focus on anti-racism.

In line with a recommendation in the NAPAR, an independent Special Rapporteur on Racial Equality and Racism will also be appointed to monitor implementation of the plan.

Minister O’Brien Concluded:

“Action is especially important because of where we find ourselves in Ireland today, in terms of increased expressions and manifestations of racism. In the 25 years that I have been paying attention to the issue I’ve never before witnessed the manifestations of racism the like of which we have seen in the last six months in particular so this action plan comes at a crucial time for our society.”

“I really hope this plan will help spark not just a national conversation on racism but a spur and a catalyst for us all to personally reflect how our own words and actions or perhaps lack of words and actions give space or support for racism to grow. And allow us to ensure we act on ways in which we can address racism in our communities and stamp it out.”

The National Action Plan Against Racism can be found at