Joe O’Brien TD celebrates Women and Girls in Science

9th February, 2023

Minister Joe O’Brien celebrates the enormous contribution women have made to our scientific knowledge and encourages more girls to join the field on International Day of Women and Girls in Science (February 11).

This year has a particular focus on the impact of Women and Girls in Science on the Sustainable Development Goals. Scientific research and the development of new technology will play a crucial role in meeting Ireland’s climate targets, so it is crucial that we unlock the potential for women to contribute new solutions and strengthen ties between science, policy and development as we move forward.

Joe O’Brien, Fingal TD, said;

“Science is an important part of our lives and a crucial tool in the fight against the climate crisis. All members of society will have to pull together to find new solutions, which is why it is essential that everyone have an opportunity to explore everything science has to offer. To achieve an equal, sustainable, Ireland for every woman, me must ensure women are equally involved in every sector, including STEM.

“It was great to meet with some many women and girls from the Fingal area participating in the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition recently. I met with students from St Joseph’s, Rush, Loreto, Balbriggan, Malahide Community School and Bremore Educate Together and they were some of the best discussions I’ve had in relation to science and the world we live in.”

Many Irish women throughout history have left their mark on science, such as Edith Anne Stoney who developed one of the first x-ray services in a London hospital in 1901 and Jocelyn Bell Burnell who helped discover the first radio pulsars in 1967. These trailblazers are an inspiration for the next generation of female scientists.

Minister of State for Land Use and Biodiversity, Pippa Hackett said;

“It is essential that women get support and acknowledgement so they can play a leading role in the next wave of scientific advances. As someone who has studied science and applies it every day on my farm, I know how important scientific knowledge is to reach a green and sustainable future. Together we must equip women across the globe with the skills to develop new technologies to build a sustainable society.”