Fingal Greens Welcome Over €17 million in Walking and Cycling Infrastructure Investment for Fingal

1st February, 2023

The Green Party in Dublin Fingal has today (Wednesday, 1st February) welcomed the announcement of over €17 million in investment in footpaths and cycle lanes throughout the county as part of the 2023 Active Travel Investment Grants. The grants are part of the Government’s ongoing historic levels of annual investment in walking and cycling infrastructure.

Welcoming the investment, Joe O’Brien TD said:

I’m delighted that that €17m has been allocated for investment in Fingal, including 35 different walking and cycling projects in Dublin Fingal this year. This targeted funding will go towards making walking and cycling in our villages, towns, and rural and coastal pathways more viable and safer.”

“Included in this year’s funding are allocations for projects that many local people have been looking for; including the Skerries Active Travel Plan, the Broadmeadow Way, and the Swords Cycle Network.

“These kinds of projects, will meaningfully change the way we get around Fingal. Allocations like this make it easier for our children to cycle to school without being driven, it makes it safer to walk to your local shop and it means we will all spend less time stuck in traffic jams.

“Delivering walking an cycling infrastructure has been central to the Green Party’s vision of transport since we entered Government in 2020, and was reflected in the commitments we received in the Programme for Government. Spending on cycle lanes and footpaths has increased more than six-fold since the Green Party entered Government. That’s the sort of change voters asked for and we are delivering on our promise.”

Cllr Karen Power said:

“The continued investment in the infrastructure for walking and biking is really welcome. Fingal County Council have some exciting projects planned that now have the funding needed to deliver them, including plans for the Harry Reynolds Road in Balbriggan, the active travel plan in Balrothery and a very exciting project to make the Harbour Road in Skerries safer for the many pedestrians we have especially in the summer months.

“It is particularly exciting to see the Skerries Active Travel Plan moving forward. Skerries was the first town in Fingal to experience a public consultation where instead of making proposals the council sought early input from those who visit, live and work in Skerries. The next phase is taking this input and developing proposals that the people in our town want to see delivered.”



Active Travel Investment Grants: 2023 Allocations
Fingal County Council
FCC/12/0001 Broadmeadow Estuary Cycle & Pedestrian Bridge 800,000€
FCC/13/0001 S2S Extension Sutton to Malahide 200,000€
FCC/14/0001 Royal Canal Cycle Route (12th Lock-KCC) (CN2) inc. Deep Sinking Coolmine 200,000€
FCC/18/0001 Harry Reynolds Road Cycleway in Balbriggan 1,700,000€
FCC/19/0005 School streets (non-SRTS) 100,000€
FCC/20/0001 Donabate Ped and Cycle Bridge 450,000€
FCC/20/0004 Bicycle Parking 150,000€
FCC/20/0008 Church Fields Link Road 1,000,000€
FCC/21/0001 National Aquatic Centre (NAC) to Ongar Village 220,000€
FCC/21/0002 Baldoyle to Howth 300,000€
FCC/21/0004 Donabate Hearse Rd/Main St/Portrane Rd (Link 1 & Link 2) 200,000€
FCC/21/0005 Damastown to Clonsilla Cycle Route 100,000€
FCC/21/0006 Clonee to Blanchardstown Shopping Centre 235,000€
FCC/22/0001 Castleknock to Dunsink Lane 185,000€
FCC/22/0004 Hartstown / Huntstown /Mountview Road 100,000€
FCC/22/0005 St Cronins Road rapid build active travel 1,387,711€
FCC/22/0006 Rathingle / Rivervalley Road Swords 176,000€
FCC/22/0007 Balbriggan Road, Mill Street and Drogheda Street 100,000€
FCC/22/0009 Permeability Links North County 465,000€
FCC/22/0010 R132 Ministers Road to Blakes Cross and Kilhedge Lane 300,000€
FCC/22/0011 Skerries – Harbour Road 905,000€
FCC/22/0012 Seatown Road to Estuary Road (Swords to Malahide) 140,000€
FCC/22/0014 Balbriggan – Coney Hill From Devlin Bridge to Bremore Cottages 140,000€
FCC/22/0015 Rush – South Beach (Bawn Road across carpark and out to S Shore Road) New footpath and cycle path 500,000€
FCC/22/0016 New Street Malahide Improvement Scheme 583,899€
FCC/22/0018 Data collection for Active Travel Projects (traffic, air, noise) 60,000€
FCC/22/0019 Skerries Active Travel Plan 655,000€
FCC/22/0020 Balrothery Active Travel Review 282,500€
FCC/22/0021 Seamount Heights to Old Golf Links Park Active Travel Route 300,000€
FCC/22/0022 Broomfield to Paddys’s Hill via Naomh Marnog GAA Active Travel Route 350,000€
FCC/22/0026 Active Travel Office – Staff Costs 1,100,000€
FCC/22/0027 Swords Cycle Network – Sustainable Swords 200,000€
FCC/22/0028 Active Travel scheme Castleknock to Blanchardstown via Farmleigh 90,000€
FCC/22/0029 R132 Junction upgrade design 200,000€
FCC/22/0030 Station Road Portmarnock Footpaths and Cycleway 150,000€
FCC/23/XXXX Scoil an Duinninigh to Waterside Footpath and Cycleway 220,000€
FCC/23/XXXX Chapel road to An Tagasc building Active Travel 155,000€
FCC/23/xxxx St Catherine’s Park Boardwalk 100,000€
FCC/23/xxxx Feltrim Road cycle infrastructure 120,000€
FCC/23/xxxx Castlelands Active Travel routes 50,000€
FCC/23/xxxx Active Travel Pathfinder – Swords to Airport quick build 200,000€
FCC/23/xxxx Donabate to Portrane (R126) – Distributor Rd to Portrane Avenue Active Travel Routes 40,000€
FCC/23/xxxx SRTS (R1) – Scoil Mhuire & Iosef, Sinsear – Bayside Senior National School 200,000€
FCC/23/xxxx SRTS (R1) – St. Luke’s NS Tyrrelstown Dublin 15 200,000€
FCC/23/xxxx SRTS (R1) – Scoil Ghrainne CNS 200,000€
FCC/23/xxxx SRTS (R1) – Bayside Junior School (Scoil Náisiúnta Muire agus Iósef, Sóisear) 200,000€
FCC/23/xxxx SRTS (R1) – Scoil Choilm CNS 200,000€
FCC/23/xxxx SRTS (R1) – Rush & Lusk ETNS 200,000€
FCC/23/xxxx SRTS (R1) – Pope John Paul II NS, Malahide 200,000€
FCC/23/xxxx SRTS (R1) – Castaheany ETNS 200,000€
FCC/23/xxxx SRTS (R1) – St. Benedict’s NS 200,000€
FCC/23/xxxx SRTS (R1) – Ladyswell National School 200,000€
FCC/23/xxxx SRTS (R1) – St. Patrick’s N.S. Diswellstown 200,000€
Total: €17,110,110