Minister Joe O’Brien Launches Black History Month 2022

7th October, 2022

Celebrated annually in October, Black History Month highlights the achievements and contributions of the African diaspora in Ireland through arts events, open lectures, trade shows, exhibitions, and workshops.

Speaking at the launch of Black History Month, Minister O’Brien said:

“It’s a real honour for me to launch Black History Month. Events like today help us to celebrate the ongoing and growing contribution of black communities to Irish society and Irish identity.

“Ireland is lucky as a nation to have a vibrant black community that has grown in recent decades, and we are stronger as a nation to have strands of Black history weaved into our national story. It is in that spirit that I particularly welcome today’s theme of ‘Celebrating Black Excellence. Looking back to shape the future’.

“Despite periods of significant adversity black communities in Ireland have made their mark and are making their mark in very significant and positive way. I think it’s especially important that wider Irish society recognises the need for a Black History Month. So hopefully me being here today and supporting the event will help that in some small way.

“Community Development relates to a group of people with a shared identity, a shared culture or indeed a shared history – people often scattered in different geographical locations. So, it is in the spirit of my Ministerial role for Community Development and community development of the black community in Ireland that I come here today to support this important event. I look forward to the day when Black History Month will be opened by the first black Irish minister. I think that day is coming soon.”