Minister Joe O’Brien Welcomes Budget Measures to Help the Most Vulnerable

30th September, 2022

Minister Joe O’Brien has welcomed measures announced as part of Budget 2023 which will help protect the most vulnerable in society.

Welcoming the Budget measures, Minister O’Brien said:

“The coming winter is going to be very difficult for everyone, but especially the most vulnerable in society. I am very glad to have been able to secure measures in the Budget that are targeted to protect those at greatest risk of poverty.

“I welcome the findings of the budget 2023 expenditure report, which sets out how the measures taken in this year’s budget have prioritised protecting the most vulnerable members of our society against the rising cost of living. Increases in social welfare measures play a particularly important role for people in the lower income deciles.

“I am also pleased to have secured funding to develop and implement a new scheme to tackle the issue of food poverty. This programme will further progress the work of the food poverty working group, which I established last year and comprises officials from a range of Departments, along with representatives from the community and voluntary sector.”

A guide to Budget 2023 is available at: