Minister Joe O’Brien announces €700,000 Funding for Library Supports for Marginalised Communities

4th August, 2022

  • €700,000 funding package for 168 projects provided from the 2022 Dormant Accounts Action Plan
  • Three projects in Fingal to be funded
  • Funding aimed to assist public libraries in reaching out to marginalised, socially excluded and disadvantaged communities


Minister of State with responsibility for Community Development and Charities, Joe O’Brien TD, was delighted to announce €700,000 in funding for library supports, including three projects in Fingal.


The funding, under the Dormant Accounts Action Plan, is designed to assist libraries in reaching out to older people, the unemployed and other marginalised, socially excluded and disadvantaged groups.


Commenting on the funding, Minister O’Brien said:


“I am delighted today to be allocating €700,000 in this funding to libraries across the country under the 2022 Dormant Accounts Action Plan. The projects are diverse in nature and target a multiplicity of groups including the Traveller community, Ukrainians displaced by war, residents of Direct Provision Centres and the elderly. There is also funding for groups working to provide autism supports, and groups working with hearing and visually impaired communities, prisoners and people with learning differences such as dyslexia. This funding package will build on the excellent projects which have been delivered over the past three years and also help our public libraries to continue to foster community well-being and build community cohesion in their role as community hubs.”


The funding will provide:

(i)         €400,000 for events and programmes which reach out to marginalised, socially excluded and disadvantaged communities.

(ii)        €150,000 for the provision of digital equity and sensory equipment which will improve accessibility to public library services for people with a disability and those with sensory needs, autism, or older members of our community.

(iii)       €150,000 for the provision of literacy supports in tandem with the national Right to Read Programme such as literacy, numeracy, digital skills licences.


Minister O’Brien added:


“I am particularly pleased that this funding supports the installation of equipment in public libraries which will improve accessibility for people with a disability, sensory needs, autism, and older members of our community.  Fingal libraries are to receive €26,902.39 Department funding towards projects totalling €30,115.88.  One of the projects being funded in Fingal is the provision of C-PENS to assist in reading for those who are dyslexic, visually impaired or non-nationals. I also welcome the many initiatives that are being delivered to support the Ukrainian community who have arrived here over the past few months.  A “Story Steps Part II” project is being funded in Fingal involving weekly scheduled literacy and numeracy workshops.   Our public libraries are welcoming and inclusive spaces and it is important that everybody can avail of the services that they provide.”




Note to Editor:


Programme Funding Details for Fingal


Library Authority Programme Participating Community Summary Total Cost of Project DRCD Allocation for Project
Fingal Story Steps Part II                        


Migrants, Refugees, New Irish.


Migrant families’ including Ukrainian refugees will partake in weekly scheduled literacy/numeracy workshops, encouraging participants to read with fun interactive reading sessions and craft related activities. €13,500.00 €12,150.00
Fingal C-PENs


Dyslexic/visually impaired people and non-nationals.


C-PENs to assist all ages with special needs, learning disabilities and the visually impaired. €6,150.00




Fingal Lexia Core 5 and Lexia Power up Primary and Post Primary students/library users


150 licences over three years (Lexia Core-Primary/Lexia Power- Post Primary) 10,465.88 €9,419.29
  €30,115.88 €26,902.39