Minister Joe O’Brien welcomes Community Response Forums in each area to coordinate local measures welcoming Ukrainians

7th April, 2022

Minister Joe O’Brien welcomes Community Response Forums in each area to coordinate local measures welcoming Ukrainians

Minister Joe O’Brien has welcomed the establishment of Community Response Forums in every local authority area to coordinate local responses to the Ukraine crisis.

Local community and voluntary groups here in Fingal and around the country have been mobilising in recent weeks to welcome into their communities people who are fleeing Ukraine.   As the new arrivals begin to settle in, each local authority has established a Community Response Forum to provide a co-ordination point for the community and voluntary response in their area.

In the Dáil this week Minister O’Brien thanked the community and voluntary sector for their fast, flexible and human response to the arrival of Ukrainian refugees.  Speaking about the community response to the arrival of Ukrainian refugees and the government supports for same, Minister O’Brien said:

Community response fora are now set up by each Local Authority to co-ordinate the response on the ground locally with State agencies and community groups.

I am asking all local community groups to link with your local Community Response Forum in your Local Authority.

It’s particularly important that Ukrainians themselves are represented on Community Response Fora.

To the public at large, if you want to volunteer your time to assist in the local response please contact your local volunteer centre.

Minister O’Brien continued:

Key issues raised at Community Response Fora will be communicated to central Government Departments and likewise key messages and information for local actors will be disseminated through the fora.

I have been and will be continuing to visit local responses across the country in the coming months to help share good practice and help bring consistency nationally.

Minister O’Brien and the other Ministers responsible have written to local authorities setting out a template for arrangements to be in place in each area.  Building on structures and relationships which were highly effective during the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Community Response Fora will enable all those involved to work together under the stewardship of the local authority. Supplementing the supports and services being provided by government agencies at a local level, their purpose will be to ensure effective communication and information sharing in the coordination of local community and voluntary actions in providing community supports to the new Ukrainian communities.

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