Joe O’Brien welcomes Cost-Rental and Homeless Commitments in Housing Plan

3rd September, 2021

Minister Joe O’Brien welcomed the Government’s Housing for All housing plan to 2030.  This is a realistic plan with achievable timeframes and targets.  It is a costed plan centred on providing affordable housing for purchase or rent and It also aims to eradicate homelessness, increase social housing, address the issue of vacant stock and supply over 33,000 homes every year.  Housing for All is backed by a Government commitment to providing over €4billion per year.


Housing for All plans to deliver by 2030:


  • 300,000 new homes;
  • 36,000 affordable homes for first-time buyers;
  • 16,000 secure cost-rental homes;
  • 10,000 social homes per year through the largest social housing build programme in our history;
  • Expand Housing First targets to end homelessness.


Minister O’Brien commented:


Cost-rental housing which is a Green Party policy, is being introduced to Ireland for the first time and is going to be an absolute game changer in the delivery of affordable rental accommodation for generations to come.


“I am delighted to see the Housing for All plan targets for cost-rental units will increase from the current number of 450 to 2,000 units every year.  While this is a good starting point what we need is for the number of cost-rental units to increase to 10,000 units per year to stabilise the rental sector and the Green Party will continue pushing for this.


“To tackle our homeless crisis, I am pleased at the increased ‘Housing First’ targets to 1,200 occupancies over five years.  In addition, there will be a new National Homeless Action Committee and the homeless strategy will include Personalised Integrated Healthcare”.


The Housing for All plan recognises the urgency in finding solutions to our housing crisis.  It is an ambitious but realistic plan.  The aim is for everyone in our country to have access to a home to purchase or rent at an affordable price.


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