Minister Joe O’Brien welcomes allocation of funding for energy efficiency retrofitting programme for Fingal

18th February, 2021

50 social houses in Fingal to benefit from scheme

The Programme for Government 2020 set challenging and ambitious targets over the next ten years aimed at Ireland’s objective of reducing its carbon emissions by more than half. With approximately 40% of Ireland’s energy-related carbon emissions coming from buildings alone, one of the key objectives of the Programme is the target of retrofitting approximately 36,500 social houses in the ownership of local authorities.

In response to this commitment the Energy Efficiency Retrofitting programme has been revised and enhanced for 2021, increasing the funding for Fingal to €1,354,343 to retrofit 50 social homes in 2021 under this programme .

Welcoming the news Minister O’Brien said,

“The move from a ‘shallow’ to ‘deeper retrofit’ in our social homes in Fingal will benefit these householders in many ways, they will be warmer, easier to heat and more comfortable homes, it will enhance air quality in the home and for those currently using oil or gas they will see savings on energy bills. on what has been completed by local authorities in previous years and will target 2,400 social homes in total for upgrade works in 2021.”

“I am particularly pleased to see that in addition to the programme funding, budget has been provided for resources so that Fingal County Council can respond to the financial revisions and ambitious targets.

“Since the original scheme began in 2013 the focus on energy efficiency works, for the most part, wall and attic insulation works. This revised programme focuses on a much deeper retrofitting, ensuring that the fabric of the home is upgraded and an energy efficient heating system is provided. This will greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the residential sector and help Ireland reach its greenhouse gas emissions. Importantly, it will result in warmer, more comfortable homes which will benefit the health of all those living in them,” he concluded.

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