Fingal’s Minister Joe O’Brien Welcomes Deposit and Return Scheme

23rd September, 2020

Scheme included as part of the recently launch Waste Reduction Plan for a Circular Economy

Minister of State for Community Development and Charities and Green Party T.D for Fingal has welcomed the news that a deposit and return scheme is to be developed and rolled out across the country, including in Fingal.

The plan gives full effect to many of the commitments in the Programme for Government, including the introduction of a deposit and return scheme for plastic bottles and aluminium cans. This scheme is a tried and tested method of collecting plastic bottles in public places, in states across America and countries across Europe people can return their used drinks containers in exchange for money at reverse vending machines.

The scheme would introduce a small deposit on drinks containers upon purchase, which is rebated when returned after use to a collection point to be recycled.

Currently, there is no recycling infrastructure for on-the-go waste in Ireland.  This means that all plastic and aluminium disposed of into public street bins is going to landfill or incineration instead of being recycled. These single use plastics contribute so much to the pollution of our eco-systems and marine environment. We see it here on Fingal, litter along our coastline.

“Deposit Return Schemes mean less plastic litter on our streets, parks and beaches, it rewards people for recycling and it keeps plastic and other recyclable materials so they can be repurposed. One example of the scheme operating successfully is Norway where it has increased recycling by 95%.”

“As well as introducing a deposit and return scheme the Waste Reduction Plan also recognises the importance of eco- and smart design in waste prevention through the delivery of products that are more amenable to recycling or reuse.

“In taking these steps now, we open up opportunities for job creation in innovative new fields, while simultaneously reducing our carbon footprint and helping us towards our climate targets.”