Joe O’Brien, TD. Calls on Government to hold steady on investment plans for MetroLink and Bus Connects

14th May, 2020

Responding to a call from the National Bus and Rail Union for the Metrolink and Bus Connects to be shelved, the Fingal Green Party TD, Joe O’Brien has said that public transport projects need to be prioritised post Covid-19.

“We need to hold steady on plans for investment in public transport infrastructure. The economy will recover and our transport systems need to be ready for it. Shelving plans for the Metro North in 2012 was a mistake and to even delay the planned MetroLink project would be a disaster, particularly for Fingal. The people of North Dublin simply cannot continue to wait, and that investment in public transport should be accelerated and viewed as a matter of priority, certainly not delayed or shelved.”

“Metrolink will connect the city to the airport and will serve many areas on the north side of the city and county that are badly in need of this kind of connectivity. It will also will hugely benefit commuters in Fingal as we move into a post Covid-19 recovery phase.”

“There has already been substantial investment in both MetroLink and Bus Connects and it does not make sense to be going back to the drawing board on these. In my view Bus Connects requires substantially more investment, not less, as the current project falls below par for Skerries, Rush and Lusk. Any reduction in investment on this project would only see such areas in Fingal suffer further. We need to be developing really good user-friendly bus services that make people want to use the service who currently don’t and so Bus Connects should proceed and include new and more direct services that start in these areas.”

“There are also opportunities to embed increased walking and cycling by improving supporting infrastructure and I welcome the NBRU’s proposals that cities allocate more space for this. I am heartened to see that Fingal County Council, on the back of a request from our Green Party Councillors, have already started impressive work in this area, by redistributing road space to allow for walking and cycling while being able to safely practice social distancing.”