O’Brien wary of Roadstone plans for Skerries

6th March, 2015

Green Party rep for Dublin Fingal insists planning permission is needed for facility


 CRH don’t exactly have the cleanest record when it comes to following correct procedure and I find it interesting that they have not applied for planning permission to carry out this new activity at the quarry they own in Milverton, Skerries. While Roadstone have permission to develop the site as a quarry filling the quarry in with waste will require planning permission and the public consultation process that goes with it. I think as a community we need to be vigilant in terms of how Roadstone plans how to operate this proposed facility.

Joe O'Brien at Roadstone Quarry

Joe O’Brien at Roadstone Quarry

The recent process whereby people could only object to the EPA licence for the planned waste recovery facility if they submitted a fee of €200 was undemocratic, as people don’t generally have that kind of money to spare even if they have reasonable objections.
However I have formally requested the Council to clarify if the proposed new facility requires new planning permission. If this is the case then the community will be in a much better position to voice their objections. It would allow also allow an opportunity for conditions to be attached to the development that ensure environmental and biodiversity protection and minimal disruption to the community and road users.

I have submitted an application to Fingal County Council under Section 5 of the Planning and Development Act to formally clarify if this proposed waste recovery facility requires planning permission and I will report back as soon as I get an answer.