My first task as Councillor will be to bring greater transparency to politics

28th April, 2014

Last year I wrote to Fingal County Council to ask them to publish the various financial, business, property and directorships of the sitting Councillors. This is information that is held on file by the Council but not published even though it is the public’s right to see this information.  At the time the official who responded to me recognised that the proposal ‘had merit’ but that the Councillors needed to be consulted. Needless to say these statements of interest have not been published. I will make it one of my first jobs as a Councillor to ensure that these declarations of interests are published on Fingal County Council’s website, in the same way that Dublin City Council do. The people have a right to know this information about their elected representatives. In fact I believe that this is information the people should know about all candidates for local election not just sitting Councillors. With this in mind I have published my own interests at this link.

Joe O’Brien – Declaration of Interests April 2014

What is more after a motion of mine all Green Party local election candidates must make their declarations of interest available to the public from one month prior to election