Sewage project stinks of environmental damage, spin and lack of democracy

11th June, 2013

Following the announcement of the preferred site for monster sewage plant in Clonsaugh while I am relieved that the people of Lusk and Loughshinny do not have to put up with a huge air, noise and water polluter in their locality, as someone who values real democracy and the environment I can only be disappointed that this project has moved to another stage.

Nobody in Fingal wanted this project and yet it was imposed upon us. There are many good reasons why people are sceptical of the political system and I can fully understand how this project would add to such scepticism. Virtually every politician opposed this project and yet it went ahead.

Another issue which I feel needs highlighting is the amount of money spent on the spin and public relations surrounding this whole project. I have asked the Greater Dublin Drainage Scheme the following questions but have yet to receive answers:

  • How much has the RPS Group has been paid for its work on the Greater Dublin Drainage Scheme to date?
  • What exactly is the role of RPS?
  • For how long more will they be contracted to     work for the Scheme?

I also have questions around RPS’s involvement in the controversial Corrib Gas Pipeline and the involvement of the RPS group internationally in the environmentally damaging practice of ‘fracking’ for gas. With a lack of democracy and huge public resources dedicated to generating ‘information noise’ to push for the sewage plant it can be very difficult for local communities to have their voices genuinely listened to and heeded. I will continue to push for greater democratic accountability and environmental protection on this project. The obvious noise, air and water pollution aside this plant would pump the equivalent of an extra 1,200 (non-electric or non-hybrid) cars worth of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere on an annual basis. This plant betrays a very antiquated view of progress based on the ‘bigger is better’ model. More Green and truly progressive thinking and forward planning is needed in Fingal County Council to push for sustainable ways of managing our waste that do not risk a huge environmental disaster’.