Bringing the bus back to Garristown

1st May, 2013

Garristown Bus Meeting May 1st 2013

Local Green Party representative Joe O’Brien has vowed to do everything he can to bring a Bus Eireann service back to the village of Garristown. Ahead of a public meeting in Garristown Community Centre on Wednesday May 1st Mr. O’Brien issued the following statement:

Last year after I was selected as Green Party representative for the Balbriggan ward I got out on the doors to see what could be done to improve local communities. It was clear that the people of Garristown need a better public transport connection with Ashbourne and Dublin city.
I then initiated contact with Bus Eireann and Fingal County Council to see what could be done. After some over and back I am glad to report that both parties are interested in bringing back a Bus Eireann service to Garristown. The public meeting on Wednesday is an effort to build local momentum on this issue as there are still some issues to be worked through in order to make this a reality