Join the fight for Balbriggan

9th February, 2013

Joe O'Brien at Balbriggan Train stationJoin the fight for Balbriggan

Tell Irish Rail if you disagree with the recent reduction of Balbriggan rail services

In January Irish Rail decided to reduce the number of trains serving Balbriggan by two. There was no proper public warning or consultation. I ask you to contact Irish Rail if you are unhappy with this decision and/or the way it was made. The following two services were cut and others rearranged:
09.44 Connolly to Balbriggan (Mon-Fri) 09.40 on Saturdays
10.50 Balbriggan to Connolly (Mon-Sat)
Regardless of the fact that these were not high volume trains I am concerned that this lack of proper consultation and the identification of Balbriggan services by Irish Rail will set a precedent for the future. I have written to Irish Rail to ask them to revert to the previous level of service that Balbriggan was receiving outlining a number of key points:
• The town has grown significantly in population in recent years
• In these harder times people are more dependent on their public transport options
• It will be more difficult to attract jobs and investment to Balbriggan with a weaker public transport infrastructure
• Balbriggan has recently opened a tourist office in the town – these cuts will now make it harder for Balbriggan to attract tourists
• Some people who bought annual tickets may have done so based on the cut services – at the very least they should have their ticket refunded
• The unfairness of a fare increase last year now followed by a poorer service

Complain about the cut in services and lack of consultation to:
Customer Relations
InterCity and Commuter Network
Connolly Station
Dublin 1
Contact 01 703 2601
Fax (01) 703 4369